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Dr. Grandel

Time Out 3 x 3 ml

Time Out 3 x 3 ml - Neda´s Beauty Shop

Dr. Grandel

Time Out 3 x 3 ml

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Soothes and regenerates

For renewed and rejuvenated freshness

The skin is longing for some time out for renewed and rejuvenated freshness. It requires both moisture and regeneration so as to enter the cell regeneration phase fully energized.

Cedar bud extract protects the skin and stimulates epidermal cell regeneration; the skin, therefore, appears smooth and regenerated for a fresh and relaxed complexion. Fig extract guarantees long-lasting and refreshing moisture and is also soothing. Calming, anti-inflammatory Panthenol also supports regeneration and has a positive and regulatory effect on the skin’s moisture balance.

Cedar bud extract, Fig extract, Panthenol

Neda's Tip 
 A special skincare experience can be achieved by combining the ampoule with a DR. GRANDEL mask or Sleeping Cream.

Open the neck of the ampoule using a tissue at the intended breakpoint (spot), or use the practical ampoule opening tool. Spread the entire contents onto the cleansed skin of the face, neck, and décolleté. Then apply a DR. GRANDEL skincare product.