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2 in 1 Solid Shampoo+Conditioner

2 in 1 Solid Shampoo+Conditioner - Neda´s Beauty Shop


2 in 1 Solid Shampoo+Conditioner

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For a wonderfully soft feel & fragrance

This Solid Shampoo+Conditioner is the secret to nourished and softer tresses that are easily easy to comb through. The combined formula gently cleanses the hair with plant-based tensides obtained from coconut. A very rich formula that lathers well and is sufficient for up to 40 applications.

80 g bar 


  • Wet the solid bar cleanser.
  • Apply to wet hair directly or using your hands.
  • Lather up and massage onto the hair to cleanse - as you would with a conventional shampoo.
  • Leave on for a few moments before rinsing thoroughly with water.

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