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Dr. Grandel

Serum 30 ml

Serum 30 ml - Neda´s Beauty Shop

Dr. Grandel

Serum 30 ml

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Refining skincare concentrate

Gold shimmering serum corrects unevenness and leaves the skin looking even and visibly smoothed

This serum has been specifically designed for customers who are not only looking for beneficial moisture penetration but for an intensively refined skin appearance as well. They are in pursuit of a product that corrects unevenness and leaves the skin looking even and visibly smoothed.

The Beech Bud Extract reduces lines and tiny wrinkles and a lamellar-bound fruit acid depot called AHA Refining System has a mild, controlled peeling effect and will provide for an extremely balanced and refined skin relief. Classical Hyaluronic Acid immediately and visibly drenches the epidermis with moisture while protecting the skin against transepidermal moisture loss

PACKAGING  Dispenser

Beech Bud Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, AHA Refining System

Neda´s Tip An exclusive skin-care combination would be alternating use of TIMELESS Concentrate in the morning and TIMELESS Serum in the evening. As final skincare, again a DR. GRANDEL skincare cream from the TIMELESS series is recommended.

In the morning or evening after cleansing, apply to face, throat and décolleté and afterward apply a preferred DR. GRANDEL skincare product.