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Dr. Grandel

Renew II² 50 ml

Renew II² 50 ml - Neda´s Beauty Shop

Dr. Grandel

Renew II² 50 ml

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Rejuvenating 24-hour care for dry skin

Rejuvenating 24-hour care for a velvety-soft skin

With the latest scientific findings against dry skin with lines and wrinkles, often also an unpleasant taut feeling: snow algae extract activates the skin’s 'beauty gen', provides the skin with new elasticity, for a smooth and radiantly beautiful skin. In addition, anti-age peptides support the skin’s repair mechanisms and slacken the aging process. The RENEW II2 texture, with rich oils, provides for a silky-soft skin feeling.


Application After Cleansing and after having applied a suitable eye care product, apply a hazelnut-size portion of skin care cream to face, neck and décolleté every morning and evening.

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