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Multi Use Shower Gel

Multi Use Shower Gel

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Multi-function foaming gel for daily express cleansing of men's face, body and hair. Its active ingredients rebalance the depleted hydrolipidic barrier, tone with new vigor and preserve and strengthen the microbiome. The cleansing base with a moisturizing effect that breaks down calcareous water does not leave feelings of "tight skin", is delicate on the skin and hair and a very fresh sensoriality gives a pleasant "burst" of energy, toning and vitality. Practical and fast, it respects the physiological pH and leaves the skin supple, providing the protection of multiple mineral substances.

Deeply purifies face, body and hair every day, stimulating healthy cell renewal which increases the defense and repair potential of the skin against external aggressions; cleanses the skin by adding the hydration that respects its natural balance, leaving it very soft and counteracting the unpleasant sensation of "tightening skin" sometimes caused by calcareous water or by the previous use of detergents that are too aggressive for the skin's pH and scalp scalp; tones and revitalizes the biological heritage of the epidermis which thus increases its potential for renewal and restructuring; protects and strengthens the microbiome of the surface hydro-lipid film. 

Effect Fresh energizing effect
Skin that "does not tighten"

Intense blue hydro-gel

Ideal for all skin types.

200 ml Tube 

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