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Long4Lashes Eyebrow serum 3ml

Long4Lashes Eyebrow serum 3ml

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Long4Lashes Eyebrow Serum (3 ml) is a powerful serum that contains the ability to thicken, enhance and strengthen eyebrows. The visible difference this product makes is nothing short of outstanding. The effective serum this product possesses is perfect for visibly improving the appearance of eyebrows, making them look naturally healthy and thick. This product is a stunning necessity due to the fact that most eyebrows fall out every 3-6 months. Not only is their lifespan short, but so is their growth cycle, with most growth occurring within the first 30 days. What this eyebrow serum does is seek to stimulate natural eyebrow growth, and it remains active for the life cycle of the eyebrow itself.

This Long4Lashes Eyebrow Serum (3 ml) is perfect for individuals who love all things cosmetic and want to accentuate their eyebrows, thicken them, and help them grow naturally. It should be noted that this product is approved and safe for individuals who have received chemotherapy. It can also be applied on henna eyebrows as well as permanent makeup. 

Before using this product, take time to thoroughly read the leaflet included. When you are ready, make sure your skin is clean and dry before you begin applying the serum utilizing the applicator. Work from the inside to the outside of the eyebrows, and also give special attention to any other areas that need it. Repeat the process each evening. Results will usually show approximately 3 weeks after regular application of the product. However, the full effect may be observed in 6 months. To maintain the progress and effects of the serum, simply use it 3-4 times per week.

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