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Intensive Hydro Recharge Mask

Intensive Hydro Recharge Mask

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The intensive hydro-recharge mask, lenitive and purifying sulphurous geothermal water based, has a sensory silky texture, highly moisturizing, and carries out an immediate replenishing effect: it is perfect to recreate an instant comfort on dehydrated, devitalized or fragile skin. It is configured as a periodic specific treatment of instant wellness for the skin. Its regenerating power is mainly developed by 2 vegetable extracts, selected for its outstanding moisturizing properties: chrystalline ice plant extract, native to deserts, it can resist the most extreme conditions, and gives the face all its youth capital (vitamins, mineral salts, natural organic acids); and Goji berries extract, considered the most powerful anti-aging among natural ingredients, it is rich in antioxidants (vitamin C and B group) and polysaccharides. It provides protection, hydration and new energy to connective tissues, but also a proven detoxifying effect. In addition, it contains shea butter, emollient per excellence, and Vitamin B5 (panthenol) and E, with outstanding restoring properties and certified antioxidants. Finally, in its formula there is a sapient association od vegetal waxes of mimosa and sunflowers seeds that give to the skin a further smoothness and stability, besides of increasing the film-forming power that prevents the evaporation of the final product. It improves the hydro-lipid barrier and favors the optimal skin re-comfort, revitalizing immediately the skin tone. The skin re-establishes its proper level of hydration, it is instantly receptive to subsequent treatments and soothes uneven skin texture enhancing uniformity and reducing signs of aging. Specifically recommended for devitalized skin due to seasonal changes to erase signs of dryness and atony and for mature or sensitized skins due to harmful aggressions.
Sensorial texture. Sleeping mask use too.
Suitable for all skin types, but mostly for those dehydrated, mature or sensitized.

  • Paraben Free 
  • Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin 
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