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Filler cream

Filler cream

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The filler cream contains sulphurous geothermal water, vehicle of dermo-affine oligoelements, which stimulate of the proper epidermal functionality, combined with active ingredients, focused on two fronts: “filling up” and smoothing out wrinkles. The first effect is obtained thanks to the presence of sorbitol, effective hygroscopic substance that penetrates in the skin, and thanks to its ability to retain hydration, “swells” it from the inside favoring a pleasant sensation of immediate firmness. The second effect is obtained by the combination of lactic acid, excellent regenerating that acts on skin surface renewal, and jojoba oil, active highly recommended in case of demanding skin, pared or marked by premature aging, due to its ability to penetrate deeply and foster cohesion and tissue distension specifically. The addition of natural substances together with a delicate and impalpable texture generates a lasting perception of extreme well-being, which is added to the pleasure of feeling a renewed, youthful, relaxed and compact looking.

High assimilation Formula. Paraben Free
Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin,

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