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Anti-sebum astringent serum

Anti-sebum astringent serum

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Minimize pores

The anti-sebum astringent serum, sulfurous geothermal water-based, has a fresh and evanescent consistency and associates a series of simultaneous actions, aimed at the quick normalization of combination/oily skin. Its texture, very unique and specially developed in a project of “evolved cosmetic “Altogether, this serum minimizes dilated pores, effectively prevents the formation of the brightness, and smooths the skin giving a smooth and uniform effect. It also favors a light and natural surface exfoliation that, on the one hand, thins the thickened layer of the skin giving new uniformity and radiance, and on the other hand, improves the absorption of the active ingredients contained. Result: a face suddenly fresh and pleasantly dry and velvety.


Active Ingredients
Sulphureous Geothermal Water, Alcohol Denat., Tridecyl Salicylate, Bakuchiol.

Neda´s Tip
Complete daily program for an optimal skin balance: the constant combination of matting gel-cream + anti-sebum astringent serum according to the following sequence: during the day, use only the matting gel-cream; in the evening, apply the astringent serum first and then the matting gel-cream.

Apply with a light massage on the whole face, until completely absorbed, avoiding the eye contour.


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