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Vegetable stem cells serum

Vegetable stem cells serum

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The vegetable stem cells serum is highly assimilating, Sodium Chloride/Bromine/Iodine geothermal water based, source of precious oligoelements, very concentrated and pleasantly sensory that intervenes at different levels of skin regeneration. It counteracts oxidation and appearance of photo-aging wrinkles, thanks to strong anti-oxidants and natural vitamin factors (grapefruit, apple and peach extracts); it stimulates the reactivation of the deep mechanisms of the skin, slowing down the appearance of signs of biological aging (vegetable stem cells from Italian grapes + hyaluronic acid solution); it refines the appearance and the intrinsic quality of the skin, giving it nourishment and smoothness (shea butter, phospholipids, tuber extract).
From the first application, the skin surface is immediately restructured from its loss of cohesion and its deficit of softness and it will be possible to observe gradually a quick improvement on its general appearance and, in particular, on its touch feeling: the face regains expression and freshness of a young and healthy skin.

High Assimilation Formula 
Paraben Free
Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin

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