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Ultimate Purifying Concentrate

Ultimate Purifying Concentrate

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An advanced supplement for oily or combined skin with impurities, This unique, state of the art formulation contains SoyLife®, an concentrate of isoflavones. These ultra concentrated Phytoceuticals are derived from Soy, SoyLife® helps to regulate and balance the skin’s metabolism processes. Urtica Dioica in combination with extracts of Viola Tricolorand Taraxacum exert a deep cleansing effect on the skin and improve the regulation of sebum production.Toxins are removed more quickly. A balanced vitamin and mineral complex, with essential nutrients including Zinc and vitamin B, provides optimal care, protection and regeneration of the skin from within. Skin looks balanced, calm and healthy. An ideal supplement for people suffering from mild to severe skin impurities.

30 caps

Take 1 capsule a day, preferably during or after lunch. Take with a glass of water. For an optimal effect we recommend using the TYRO Ultimate Purifying Complex as a care product. In addition, proper cleansing of the skin is essential. We would like to mention the TYRO Clarifying Cleanser and the TYRO Clarifying Tonic.

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