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Translucent Powder Extra Fine

Translucent Powder Extra Fine

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The Translucent Powder Extra Fine Powder is a finishing powder that fixates your makeup all day long and gives your face the perfect finish. Use the transparent powder after applying your foundation or concealer or other cream products and it will give you a beautiful, natural matte look.
10 gr jar 
You use a transparent powder after using foundation or concealer or a cream product. The loose, transparent, finely ground powder provides a strong hold for your makeup and also prevents your face from becoming too shiny over time.

Silky-smooth skin thanks to the Translucent Powder Extra Fine
It is a pleasant product, your skin feels silky and stays matte all day long. The colourless powder can be used to give the eyes extra radiance or to subtly add some highlights to the face.

Baking with the Translucent Powder Extra Fine
The transparent powder is very suitable for baking. Baking is a makeup technique that makes your makeup look perfect, stays in place and doesn't pull in any lines. Do you want to create a baking effect? Use a sponge or powder filler to apply a full layer of powder to the areas you want to bring out. This is for example the skin around the eyes or the cheekbones. Then let the Translucent Powder Extra Fine powder 'bake' for 10 minutes. Remove the excess powder with a brush.
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