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Silky day cream

Silky day cream

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Ideal for all skin types

The silky day cream, sulphurous geothermal water and targeted detox active ingredients based, is formulated to accomplish 2 main goals: to detoxify the skin from free radicals and urban environment and to “recharge” daily its youth giving the skin cells the optimal energy to work properly.
Conceived to all effects as an evolved cosmetic product of the latest generation, it gives an immediate surprise to sight and touch: by touching it, it has the perceptual impression of putting your finger in a “cloud” that delights due to its consistency and freshness. This innovative and sensory sorbet texture is specifically designed to work in synergy with the active ingredients, favoring their optimum spread during daily hours and ensuring to the face a pleasant fresh and lasting matte effect.
The silky day cream, has prodigious specific properties that make it perfect against the weakening of the skin cells due to urban exposures and unbridled rhythms.
In formula, it makes use of prodigious high performance active ingredients: micro-euglena algae, very rich in vital bioavailable elements at the epidermal level, it raises the metabolism of skin cells, makes available the calcium as an essential nutrient, effectively counteracts signs of skin fatigue and increases its strength against stress; it is perfect for devitalized or dull skin or with a lack of energy; veronica flower extract (extracted from the aerial part of the plant: flowers + leaves + stem), with a targeted detoxifying action against the accumulation of broad-spectrum of stress (pollution, UV radiation, free radicals, unbalanced diets); it increases cells cohesion and optimizes cell communication; moringa seed extract, active anti-pollution peptide whose ability to effectively counteract oxidative damage generated specifically by pollutants in the atmosphere (heating emissions, city traffic, smog) has been tested.
The combination of these prodigious active ingredients with the purifying and soothing action of the sulphurous geothermal water, restores of the original qualities of the skin such as vitality, firmness and health, revealing a fresh and more rested complexion. A fresh and detoxified skin that releases vitality and with a wonderful touch.
Perfect for seasonal changes, during intense and stressful periods or as an essential “recharge” for the skin, which is exposed to a daily assault of pollutants.
Specific detox treatment suitable for all skin types and specific for skins of all ages that
show signs of fatigue, dull skin and uneven skin texture.

Paraben Free. Sorbet Texture. Dermatologically tested on senstive skin 

Sulphureous Geothermal Water, Euglena Algae Extract, Veronica Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, Moringa Seed Extract, Vitamin E, Vegetable Glycerin, Jojoba Esters, Lactic Acid.

Apply in the morning to a freshly cleansed skin, in gentle circular movements, starting from the center of your face. It absorbs instantly. Excellent make-up base.
Minimum period of consecutive use recommended for an optimal detox circle: 4 weeks.
HIGH ASSIMILATION FORMULA: its cloud-texture is specifically designed to be spread and not to be massaged for a long time; it absorbs instantly.
Combine always with the booster night cream and the active oxygen treatment of the same line.
Ideal not only as a habitual cream, but also as a “regenerating treatment”, in periods of particular epidermal stress, and even for a young skin that is temporarily dull or impoverished by external aggressions.

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