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Long4Lashes Microblading Pen

Long4Lashes Microblading Pen

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The Long4Lashes Microblading Pen will give your eyebrows a unique and stylistic touch. There is no need to visit a salon or see a beauty stylist. You can save time and money by crafting your eyebrows to perfection from the comfort of your own home. The Long4Lashes Microblading Pen very accurately complements, shapes, thickens and darkens your eyebrows as you desire. The microblading treatment is a unique feature of this pen and helps you achieve your desired aesthetic. This product is made with an incredibly durable formula that makes flawless makeup a possibility that is right within your grasp.

The Long4Lashes Microblading Pen is a special applicator that has thin tips. These thin tips are reminiscent of 3 fine lines of hair. This pen works by creating a natural effect that accents the eyebrows in a beautiful way without having to entirely redraw them. Moreover, it contains eyebrow growth serum that will help you grow your eyebrows naturally while providing you with perfectly shaped eyebrows in the meantime.

Before beginning, take time to thoroughly clean and dry your eyebrows. The felt-tip pen will assist you in neatly denoting the lines of the eyebrows. It will help you highlight your eyebrows, as well as fill in their shape as needed. In addition, if you desire to do so, you may even gradually build the coverage effect of the Long4Lashes Microblading Pen. You may do this by adding multiple layers of the fine product at your discretion.

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