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Invisible sunscreen SPF 50+ PA+++

Invisible sunscreen SPF 50+ PA+++

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he invisible sunscreen SPF 50+ is formulated with sulphurous geothermal water and an ultra-selected platform of high protective filters. It is presented with a clear white pearl color, a velvety touch that “disappears into the skin” and a delicate fragrance.
It is a specific high protector: is an integral face screen that protects against premature aging (photo-aging, free radicals and dark spots) , controls shiny effect and evens skin appearance, sublimating and illuminating not only the skin but also any eventual subsequent make-up.
The invisible sunscreen SPF 50+ has, therefore, an ultra-penetrating finish that offers a daily triple protection:

• SPF 50+ PA+++ sun protection (UVA/UVB filters)*
• anti-pollution protection (moringa seed extract)
• cellular protection (moringa seed extract + Vitamin E)

The contribution of the anti-pollution peptide derived from moringa seeds is precious: accurate tests show its extraordinary action of cyto-protection on the epidermal cell membranes against pollution and stress from broad-spectrum environmental exposures; furthermore, the combination of this peptide with the notable anti-oxidant properties of vitamin E, develops a very intense, novel and effective anti-radical synergy.
The invisible sunscreen SPF 50+ action is therefore double: it preserves youth from any possible external aggression that could alter the skin creating premature aging, dark spots or skin dyschromia, and develops a pleasing mat finish, which also favors the make-up to last longer, thus increasing brightness and homogeneity of the complexion.
High protection.
Effective and imperceptible on the skin, this protective treatment with sensory and oil-free texture, is perfect 365-day use, summer and winter alike.

Paraben free. Non sticky. no white marks. High Assimilation formula.
Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin

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