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Eyebrow Powder

Eyebrow Powder

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For a natural appearance of the eyebrows, use Brow Powder. With this eyebrow powder, you define and shape beautiful full eyebrows that build your look from natural to powerful. Easy to apply with a brush.

Shape, define and improve your eyebrows with the Brow Powder. This hard-baked eyebrow powder has a silky texture with which you can subtly and naturally color and shape the eyebrows.

The best way to apply the eyebrow powder is with an eyebrow brush. This way you can accurately put the powder on and shape the eyebrow. Brush the eyebrow hairs down and apply the eyebrow powder. Then comb the hairs back and voilà, a natural effect. Can be used wet or dry. When applied wet, the color becomes more intense and the line tighter.

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