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Enchanting elixir

Enchanting elixir

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The enchanting elixir contains sulphurous geothermal water, a vehicle of dermo-related and stimulating oligoelements for the correct epidermal function, combined with active ingredients that promote an immediate enhancing effect on the skin surface.
As a highly innovative product, the enchanting elixir has an ultra-melting texture, instantly moisturizing and fresh and with a rare elegance thanks to its very glamorous golden “inclusions”: in fact, it is a hydro-gel with a fascinating concept due to the presence of these very special illuminating micro-spheres, which “break” into application giving an extraordinary radiance. The active ingredients work in optimal synergy on skin smoothness and elasticity: the extract of white peony root brings a sensitive revitalizing effect that makes the skin bright and rosy; the hyaluronic acid acts in depth with its moisturizing and regenerating properties; Vitamin B5 (panthenol), betaine and vegetable glycerin add their restructuring and silky contribution for a final result.
The precious mix of lightly iridescent pigments and an impalpable and very delicate texture generate a perception of extreme radiance that extends over the hours, magnificently sublimates any subsequent make-up and gives the thrill of seeing oneself with an instantly renewed face and a younger, bright and compact appearance.
Extremely transversal and therefore ideal for any type of skin and age, the enchanting elixir is an essence of liquid beauty, perfect for revitalize, moisturize, light and perfect the skin.
Suitable for all skin types.

Satin Touch . Instant Brightness
Paraben Free 
Dermatologically tested on sensitive skins

Active Ingredients 
Sulphureous Geothermal Water, Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamin B5 (Panthenol), Betaine, Paeonia Lactiflora Root Extract, Vegetable Glycerin, Agar.

Application :
Apply every morning on the face completely dry and cleansed, with a very light massage until completely absorbed.
Perfect alone or before the usual treatment cream depending on the skin type and age: super-moisturizing ecocream to moisturize;
geothermal first signs cream for an initial prevention; vegetable stem cells cream, as 24 hours anti-aging; intensive anti-aging treatment, for advanced signs of aging; day silky cream to correct skin fatigue.
Excellent make-up base with intensifying effect.

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