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DNA Nature 5 IN 1 Eye Contour

DNA Nature 5 IN 1 Eye Contour

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Raise your look to the max with this prodigious concentrate of active natural biotechnoligical ingredients that smoothes wrinkles, minimises bags, reduces dark circles, treats drooping eyelids (ptosis) and repairs DNA. Product of the richness of Mediterranean waters, this active marine biotechnology achieves this overall effect,perfected with natural extracts such as Star Anis for a tightening effect and Horsetail for drainage.  A total rejuvenating treatment that activates the cellular metabolism, as well as micro circulation, to revitalise and visibly beautify your eye area. Tested dermatologically and ophthamologically.

Main Ingredients
Pink Radish, Star Anise, Bacuri Butter, Dolomite, Marine Active. 

Apply a small dose of the product to the upper and lower eyelids. With the applicator, make small and gentle circles on the eye-contour bone and on "crow's feet". With the fingertips, gently massage until the product is completely absorbed.

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