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Amethyst & Collagen Lifting Cream

Amethyst & Collagen Lifting Cream

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A rich anti-ageing treatment cream providing a source of youthfulness and beauty. Feel the power of marine-derived elastin and collagen on your skin to combat flaccidity and loss of firmness, achieving visibly firmer, more hydrated and rejuvenated skin. Its exclusive formula, rich in extract of amethyst, provides a vibrational moisturising effect and helps to improve the skin’s microcirculation. It is also enriched with hyaluronic acid, derived from natural biotechnology processes, that retains moisture in the skin’s cells, significantly reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The results are clearly visible. 

Main Ingredients:
Marine-derived elastin and collagen, hyaluronic acid, extract of amethyst, natural oils and extracts. Jar 50ml

Apply Massada’s Hyaluronic Acid Serum or Pure Hyaluronic Firming Effect after cleansing and toning. Then apply Amethyst & Collagen Lifting Cream by gently massaging and using pinching movements, paying particular attention to any wrinkled areas.


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