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3-in-1 Early Spring Solid Shower Bar

3-in-1 Early Spring Solid Shower Bar

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Particularly skin-friendly cleanser for the body, hair & face (Men)

This product combines a solid shower bar with a solid shampoo. It cleanses using mild and pure, plant-based surfactants as it conditions the skin. The 3-in-1 Early Spring Solid Shower Bar contains a conditioner, that nourishes the hair, and shea butter that provides the skin with optimum moisture. The cleanser has a pH value of 5.5 which lends it its skin-friendly properties. Furthermore, the solid cleanser is plastic-free and helps to reduce plastic waste.

- normal Skin 
- normal Hair 


  • Wet the solid bar cleanser.
  • Apply to wet hair, face and body directly or using your hands.
  • Lather up and massage to cleanse.
  • Leave on for a few moments before rinsing thoroughly with water.
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