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High Strength Vitamin D3

High Strength Vitamin D3

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60 chewable tablets • 2000IU (50μg) vitamin D per chewable tablet

Blackcurrant-flavoured chewable tablet for those requiring a higher dose of vitamin D

Urgent-D chewable tablets have been shown in published clinical studies to completely resolve deficiency in vitamin D deficient adults.

The UK government now recommends that EVERYBODY (aged 0-100+) in the UK takes a vitamin D supplement daily during the autumn and winter months.

In a landmark decision, the UK government advisory groups (SACN* and PHE**) have recommended that ALL ADULTS, CHILDREN AND BABIES take a vitamin D supplement daily throughout the autumn and winter months. These government bodies have also recommended that some ethnic groups, office workers and people with little exposure to sun during the summer should take a daily vitamin D supplement all year round.

This vitamin is now recognised as being essential for numerous aspects of our health, contributing to the normal function of the immune system[1] as well as supporting bones, teeth[2] and muscles[3].

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