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Timeless Body Gift 3 Prducts

Timeless Body Gift 3 Prducts

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1.) Timeless Sugar Scrub removes dried, hornified skin flakes, makes the skin soft and prepares it for subsequent skin care products. An effective exfoliation of the skin is achieved. The skin is refined and feels wonderfully relaxed.

2.) Timeless Antiaging Bodycream firms, smoothes and rejuvenates the contours and at the same time strengthens the connective tissue.Body Cream is richly moisturizing with a wonderfully harmonizing effect. Fine gold pigments are scattered over the skin to give it a delicate shimmer. For luxurious care all over.

3.) Timeless Décolleté  is a special skin care with a "push-up" effect. It smoothes, tones and helps to maintain the skin’s youthful firmness and elasticity.  Timeless Décolleté is quickly absorbed without greasiness to create a silkily beautiful skin.

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