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Golden glow mask

Golden glow mask

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The golden glow mask, purifying and soothing sulphurous geothermal water based, has a precious and enveloping ultra-sensory texture like a spreadable cream, highly regenerating and with immediate hydro-plumping effect: it is a mask of pure beauty, perfect to restore vitality to marked or demanding epidermal tissues.
It is a specific periodic treatment for an instant well-being of the skin.
Its maximum appeal lies in its special “memory” consistency, which adapts to the face creating a uniform layer that does not drip and is designed for a gradual release of the active ingredients: açai and sunflower oils, excellent for their precious emollient, nourishing and firming properties able to give elasticity to the skin, plus vitamin E, well known for its excellent antioxidant power.
The golden glow mask has a composition that is particularly similar to the structure of the hydro-lipid barrier and promotes an optimal skin re-comfort, visibly revitalizing the complexion. The skin re-establishes its right degree of hydration, the dryness decreases instantly and the visible signs of aging are reduced.
It relaxes, restores and replenish traits: the “Cinderella” effect generates an immediate and surprising improvement after each application, even after the first one. Upon awakening, particularly luminous, velvety and homogeneous skin: a real shot of youth on the lines.
Particularly indicated before special events (evenings, weddings, important occasions) or whenever you want to be immediately beautiful.
Sensory texture. Also night use.
Suitable for all skin types.
Specific “Cinderella” effect.

Ultra Sensory Texture 
Paraben Free 
Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin 

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