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Fast and Profound Tensing Treatment

Fast and Profound Tensing Treatment

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Facial firming treatment with immediate effect which, thanks to micro fluidification, deeply treats wrinkles and the signs of aging in the skin, giving an instant impeccable appearance. Its immediate firming effect and soft focus means that your skin instantly becomes smoother, more even, velvety and bright. Its preventative, long-lasting, anti-aging action treats the skin deeply, gradually removing the signs of aging. It is formulated with effective, natural active ingredients which also contain amino acids, trace elements and vitamins that promote the synthesis of type IV collagen and fill wrinkles. The result is a more  compact, smoother skin. 

10 x 3 ml 

Main ingredients :
Millet, oak, amino acids and trace elements, Centella asiatica, rosemary, pearls.

Ampules prepared for two uses. Apply in the morning after facial cleansing and toning, with delicate, upward, circular movements and leave it on for 3 minutes. Then apply your daily moisturize

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