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Your first Beauty Routine

Hold back the years in minutes a day, every day....


Even as a little girl I loved to watch my grandmother perform her beauty routine. Mamanshun was a beautiful woman with glowing skin, even in her middle years.

I remember the smell of roses as she splashed her face and the funny face as she buffed with a rough towel before moisturizing in upward strokes and patting gently under the eyes, as I copied along.

‘My little Nedajan’ she would say, ‘don’t ever skip your routine and God will reward you.’ How right she was! A daily routine means you’ll always have the very best skin you could possibly have.

 Two Persian WomenMy grandmother age 50              me at age 20

Night time is when the body, and especially your largest organ, the skin, works its magic to heal and repair, making you ‘good as new’. Along with your kidneys, the skin is a major player in eliminating toxins, and if your skin is dirty, that ‘invisible’ layer of daily debris, makeup and dust will stop your skin performing.

So go to bed clean, catch the all-important 10 ‘til 2. window of ‘optimal  sleep.Your skin will breathe a sigh of relief so you wake up beautiful.. every day. 

"Your skin will always thank you for being routine".

And don’t forget a lovely scrub. Shed those cares and worries, along with dust and dead cells, in a little ritual that soothes the soul.


"Don’t skip a day, or your looks will pay!"

And so to bed… young or old, your skin care routine is one thing that should stay the same, to make the best, most beautiful you, you can possibly be.


Your First Beauty Routine!

Daily skin care is essential and cleansing especially, is vital when living on Gozo. Everyone knows how dirty the cars and windows get here, and it's the same for your skin.

Investing in a good cleanser means applying it, every day. It’s not an ornament on your bathroom shelf! Only with daily use will your skin benefit, so don't waste it by skimping. Your reward will be to see and feel a beautiful difference.

My recommended cleanser is Sensitive Skin Cleansing Milk . This deeply cleanses with a calming and soothing effect, while at the same time strengthening your skin with calendula 

Apply a small amount of cleanser and massage into your face with circular movements. Remove by splashing with lukewarm water, fresh cloth or sponge.

Cute Girl cleaning face

The Sensitive Skin Tonic is 100% organic plant extracts. It unblocks, soothes and strengthens capilleries, so get your glow on. Spray it on the face, then dab all over gently with the fingers.

Shea Butter Scrub. Scrub once a week to keep skin toned, even and beautifully smooth. Shea butter is extra gentle and perfect for everyone, even sensitive types. Put a generous amount in a bowl and apply with a face brush. Leave a few minutes before washing off with lots of water and a facecloth.

Moisturizing Jojoba Serum is fabulously hydrating!

Day use; apply a few drops after your toner and massage in before applying your day cream.

Night use; apply a generous amount to skin after cleaning and toning including the neck and decollete, massaging in with upward strokes.

Sensitive Skin Cream.This delivers noticeable results, fast! Perfect for even the most delicate skin, it is incredibly replenishing and soothing. Use morning and night as needed, with or without the Moisturizing Jojoba Serum  or Sensitive Skin Extract 

Next I’ll be talking about how to care for different skin types .We are all unique so do join me. In the meantime I hope this inspires you to give your skin the love it needs... every day!


your Neda x


About Neda

Neda - The Head of Neda Beauty

She is the founder of Neda Beauty and she owns her own Beauty Salon in idyllic Gozo. She is been passionate about skincare, beauty and makeup since she was young. She has made it her mission to help everyone feel good in their own skin. 

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