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6 reasons why Skincare is so Essential

1. Skin is the human body's largest organ

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Our Skin is a big deal. Literally.

It's not just the largest organ in the body, it's also one of the most complex. It has many functions in the preservation of life and wellbeing, but it also has many potential complications with more than 3,000 possible skin disorders.



2. Removing Dead Skin Cells.

Proper exfoliation clears dead skin cells from the skin and uncovers fresh new cells underneath. This opens the door for moisturizing products to reach deeper into the skin, making them more powerful. In short, a daily exfoliating regimen will leave your skin fresh and balanced.



3. Prevention is better than Cure!


4. Beautiful skin is a lifelong process.


As a baby we still have perfect skin, but environmental factors, nutrition and lifestyle choices influence the development of the skin. Therefore we have to take care of our skin every single day

5.Regular Skincare actually saves you money.

Taking Care of your skins health and happiness can prevent complications that can be expensive down the road. If you don't want to struggle with acne marks, deep lines, skin discoloration, or other skin conditions, a skin care regimen will avoid potential visits to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to fix these issues.

6.You feel good because you look good. 

Clean and clear skin will help improve your morale and keep you looking the best! Your face is the first aspect of what the others see when they meet you, so go ahead with your best face. A regular skin care regimen will help you do just that.


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She is the founder of Neda Beauty and she owns her own Beauty Salon in sunny Gozo. She is passionate about skincare, beauty and makeup since she was young. She made it her mission to help everyone feel good in their own skin. 

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